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Wills And Probate

What is a Pour-Over Will and Do I Need One?

One of the most difficult parts of estate planning is making sure to identify and account for all of your assets. It can be anxiety-inducing trying to remember everything. Luckily, you do not have to. A pour-over will acts as an insurance policy for your estate plan. This means that even if you do not remember everything, your assets will…

Can I Invest With My Living Trust?

If you have established a living trust (or any other type of trust for that manner), you might be wondering whether you can actually put your money to work rather than simply letting it sit there. Fortunately, you can invest funds in your living trust, allowing your wealth to accumulate over time. Perhaps more importantly, investing your trust in this…

How Does a Living Trust Work in New Jersey

When it comes to estate planning in New Jersey, there are many choices. One of these choices is a living trust. But is this option right for you? Even though you might have heard this term being thrown around before, you might not fully understand how a living trust works. So, what are the benefits of this estate planning tool?…