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Since 2006, our attorneys have crafted legal approaches that allow clients look to the future with confidence. Whether you need assistance with an elder law concern, estate planning issue, family law dispute or other related situation, we are equipped and ready to help.

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Securing Peace Of Mind, One Case At A Time

It is natural to feel unsettled when you contemplate what the future holds for your loved ones, your quality of life and your legacy. At Giro & Associates LLC, we recognize that concerns tied to elder law, estate planning, probate or family relationships are complex and intimidating to confront alone. For over 15 years, our attorneys and legal professionals have worked closely with clients to find solutions that protect their interests today and in the years ahead.

Our team of attorneys share over 50 years of experience, which they use to identify a plan that meets your needs and addresses your concerns. As our client, you will benefit from the tailored and knowledgeable advice we offer. Your goals and circumstances are unique. Your legal strategy should be, too.

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Proven Counsel For Elder Law And Family Law Concerns

Our team is led by Maurice Giro, Elder Counsel member and current Union City Municipal Prosecutor. For over 20 years, attorney Giro has helped clients safeguard their interests while attending to end-of-life concerns, designing estate plans, creating trusts and facilitating the probate process in New Jersey and New York.

We also represent clients struggling with family law issues involving divorce, custody, spousal support, property division and other personal problems. Our attorneys are qualified to represent you in negotiations, litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce proceedings. Our extensive range of offerings allows you to find the approach that works best for you and your family.

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