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Streamlining The Probate And Estate Administration Process

When a person doesn’t have any estate documents in place upon their death, the state gets to choose how best to distribute their assets according to the law. This complicated, painful, costly and frustrating process is known as probate. Even with a will in place, if the decedent’s assets were not previously put into a trust, the estate needs to go through probate before the heirs can access the assets. With hardly any exceptions to this procedure, probate and estate administration support from a lawyer can be a big help.

If you are worried about how your loved one’s assets will be distributed, discussing your concerns with a lawyer at Giro & Associates LLC can provide insight and peace of mind.

Probate Services We Provide

If you have been designated the executor or administrator of an estate or trust, you can reduce the emotional and financial burden of suffering through probate by working with Giro & Associates LLC. We understand how sensitive the issue of losing a loved one can be, and you can be assured that your needs will be dealt with compassion and empathy by our lawyers who handle probate and probate disputes.

Our goal is to make the process as stress-free and pain-free as possible while expediting the paperwork to make sure that beneficiaries and heirs obtain access to their inheritance as soon as possible.

We are qualified to represent clients in a variety of probate-related matters that include:

  • Guardianship and conservatorship duties
  • Trust litigation
  • Asset ownership disputes
  • Will contests
  • Claims against fiduciaries
  • Business and partnership
  • Appeals of judgments and orders in probate court

Without the help of an experienced attorney, your probate process can take weeks, months or even years to resolve. Our goal is to resolve your case with as little time and complication as possible without sacrificing the quality of the results.

Talk With Our Attorneys Now

Our experienced lawyers review your case and use the most appropriate method to ensure fiduciary duties are fulfilled. Arrange your private consultation to share your situation with an attorney who cares. Call 201-771-9436 or complete our contact form to reach our River Edge office.