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Planning For The Future Through Medicaid

As we get older, Medicaid can be one of the essential safety nets necessary to help us with the high costs of the care we require. While the benefits of Medicaid may be something we need, obtaining those benefits is not as easy as it should be. Thankfully, you can get help to ensure you can access these benefits when the time comes.

At Giro & Associates LLC, our lawyers are proud to use their decades of combined experience to help people throughout New Jersey with their Medicaid needs. Navigating the preparation and application process on your own can be exhausting, which is why we want to relieve you of that burden as we guide you through every step of the process while protecting your assets along the way.

What You Should Know About Medicaid Planning

When clients come to us for help with Medicaid planning, we guide them through the process of structuring their assets in a manner that can help them become eligible for Medicaid benefits. Medicaid requires applicants to meet rigid low-income and asset thresholds, and proper planning can help you meet those requirements.

During the application process, Medicaid will look back five years in an applicant’s financial history to determine eligibility. The point of this review is to block any last-minute asset transfer to qualify for benefits, which is why proper planning is so necessary.

Putting your assets into trusts ahead of time can both protect what you have worked so hard for and ensure your eligibility. We can help you move your assets based on your unique needs. In the event that you are experiencing an emergency and need Medicaid assistance immediately, we can also help you through crisis Medicaid planning to keep as much of your assets as possible.

Protect Your Assets And Your Future

When your health and well-being are on the line, do not take chances with your assets to get the benefits you need. If you are ready to meet with a New Jersey attorney you can depend on with your Medicaid needs, contact us today.

Call us at 201-771-9436 or email us here to set up your first appointment with us and take the first step toward planning for these benefits.