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Modifying Spousal Support After A Significant Life Change

Despite how hard you worked to resolve your divorce and reach an agreement. Life has a way of constantly changing. When these changes happen, your divorce agreement may need to as well. When you need help with your divorce modification, you need help from a skilled and committed legal team.

Life and its surrounding circumstances can constantly change over any given period of time. Our team at Giro & Associates LLC understands this, and we are dedicated to assisting you in modifying your court-ordered alimony payments. Our experienced attorneys can help you petition the courts for modification regardless of your current circumstances.

Defending Your Needs Through Modifications

When major life changes happen, like sudden job loss, an increase in income, marriage, a second divorce or a medical issue, it is only reasonable that your divorce decree reflects those changes. Earning that modification is not always easy, even when you qualify for one. We can help you gather the supporting information necessary and present your case to pursue the modification that you need to adapt to life’s changes.

Alternatively, we can also help you defend your agreement from being modified if your ex-spouse is attempting to change the agreement without a valid reason. We will take the time to review the unique details of your case before developing a strategy to help you through your case.

Get An Honest Assessment Of Your Options

If your life scenario has significantly changed since your court-ordered spousal support payments have taken effect, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys. Please do not attempt to reconcile your alimony issues on your own. Back owed payments can accumulate very rapidly and become a great nuisance to the parties involved.

Let us help you to understand your rights and obligations pursuant to New York or New Jersey spousal support guidelines. Arrange a private consultation at our River Edge office with an experienced lawyer when you call 201-771-9436 or complete our online form.