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Elder Law Attorneys Representing Clients With Experience

At Giro & Associates LLC in River Edge, our attorneys offer an extensive array of services in the field of elder law. This area of law focuses on seniors as well as individuals with disabilities. Elder law provides clients protection by combining estate planning with end-of-life advocacy and long-term care. Our attorneys provide clients with various strategies that cater to their unique needs, which include:

  • Foundational estate planning
  • Medicare planning
  • Guardianships
  • Special needs/disability planning

We take into consideration the many factors that come into play for elders, which include New Jersey and federal laws, family dynamics, personal values, health care decisions, and individual preferences.

Learn more about our services when you read the descriptions below.

Our Estate Planning Services

We customize estate plans so that assets are preserved for loved ones and heirs. We help our clients ensure that their assets are passed on according to their wishes through our creative and effective strategies. They can expect our services to be conducted discreetly and professionally while honoring the principles of timeliness as well as cost-effectiveness.

Proper Medicaid Planning

Our skilled attorneys develop strategies that protect you by combining estate planning with end-of-life advocacy and long-term care.

Special Needs Assistance

We work to maximize your inheritance for your loved one through a special needs trust.

If you live with a loved one who has a disability, then you are probably all too familiar with the burdening worry that comes with thinking about their future. These concerns can include how they will be financially supported in the future, who will take care of them if something happens to you, and what else you can do to give them a better quality of life.

If these are familiar, you will be able to benefit from a special needs plan.

Thorough Probate And Estate Administration

Are you worried about how your assets will be distributed after you’re gone?

Without leaving any documents in place, the state gets to choose how best to distribute your assets according to the law. This complicated, painful, costly and frustrating process is known as probate.

Probate is a legal procedure that provides the courts authority to distribute assets to beneficiaries. Even with a will in place, if assets are not taken into a trust, a probate needs to take place before your heirs can access your estate. With hardly any exceptions to this procedure, estate administration and probate can be a big help.

Resolving Trusts

We have the accounting, legal and investment insight that can help successor trustees effectively administer the trusts handed to them.

Trust administration is a complex process that happens if a decedent with a proper estate plan has his assets transferred into a trust, leading to the estate being administered without court involvement into a probate. Therefore successor trustees would be responsible for trust administration.

Should this happen, the trustee should be able to carry out their duties which are specified in the trust, on top of other fiduciary duties that are required by law. Without a proper trust administration set in place, the trustee could be vulnerable to personal and financial liabilities.

Protecting Your Assets

Let us help you find the best way to protect your assets through an evaluation of your holdings and special methods that reduce your tax obligations.

The legal system is continuously being abused for selfish reasons, including depriving others of their wealth. The harsh reality is that there are millions of lawsuits filed each year for unnecessary reasons, and once settled, these are sometimes even for amounts much larger than the original liability. People sue for various reasons, including automobile accidents, professional misconduct, malpractice, liability for others’ debts, and many more.

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