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Elder Care

Dangerous Veteran Homes No Longer Controlled By New Jersey

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear that many veteran homes and nursing homes throughout the Garden State have serious safety concerns. Numerous individuals lost their lives due to a wide range of negligence at these facilities, and guilty parties are still being held accountable. The New Jersey government has finally agreed to surrender control of its veteran homes…

When to Hire an Elder Care Lawyer?

Often, hiring an elder care attorney is not something you think about until you are in desperate need. However, having an understanding of the kinds of situations that an elder care attorney can assist you in, may help you to spot or anticipate circumstances in which you would benefit from retaining the services of one before your situation becomes dire.…

How is Nursing Home Abuse Concealed?

One of the reasons nursing home abuse is so rampant is because it is so easy to conceal. After all, the elderly are often unable to speak up for a number of reasons. If the nursing home itself fails to report certain acts of misconduct and negligence, then evidence may never truly surface. The possibility of no one finding out…