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The Wildest Inheritance Stories You Will Ever Hear

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Estate Planning

When most people leave money behind, they do so in an extremely professional and serious manner. After all, passing away is no laughing matter. It is of the utmost importance that your wishes are respected upon your passing, with your family receiving exactly what you set out for them to inherit. But there are some people who approach the estate planning process with a more… creative philosophy, creating some of the wildest inheritance stories you will ever hear.

If you are serious about your estate planning process, be sure to get in touch with an estate planning attorney in New Jersey. During your consultation with one of our legal professionals, you can explain your unique wishes and priorities, creating a solid estate plan that will serve your family’s best interests. It is best to get in touch with our estate planning lawyer as soon as possible to put these important systems in place.

People Leaving Behind Everything to Their Pets

Some of the most shocking inheritance stories have to do with people leaving fortunes to their pets. A recent example was Karl Lagerfeld, the former creative director for Chanel, who passed away in 2019. Rumors began to swirl that his cat Choupette was set to inherit approximately $200 million. Did the deal actually go through? No one actually knows — it is considered something of a mystery even to this day. What seems clear, however, is that his cat was indeed named in the will.

Another example was Leona Helmsey, a divisive figure who amassed a fortune worth billions before her passing in 2007. She left a total of $12 million to her beloved dog, which she had named “Trouble.” A judge stepped in and reduced Trouble’s inheritance to just $2 million, but the amount was still staggering by all accounts.

As a side note, pets are technically unable to inherit anything due to the fact that they are considered “property” in the eyes of the law, and one piece of property cannot legally inherit another piece of property. However, you can establish a “pet trust” that provides your beloved animal with a sum of money after your passing.

Man Leaves Behind Money for Jesus

In the 60s, a man in the UK left behind about 26,000 pounds for Jesus Christ. He stated that if Jesus Christ did not return to the Earth within 80 years and claim the money, it was to be returned to the Crown. As of this writing, the money is still waiting in the account for Jesus.

Woman Insults Family With Estate Plan

In 2009, a well-known Australian socialite named Valmai Roche passed away. She left her entire fortune to a Catholic charitable organization – but she had something “special” planned for her family. Her two daughters and ex-husband each received “30 pieces of silver of the lowest denomination of currency.” This was the equivalent of about $1.50 each.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney

If you are ready to take your estate planning process seriously, be sure to book a consultation with Giro, LLP, Attorneys at Law. Over the years, we have assisted numerous clients with their estate plans, helping them to put solid, reliable systems into place that ensure the best possible results for surviving family members. Remember, it is never too early (or too late) to start thinking about your estate plan. Book your consultation today to learn more about your options.