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Helping Successor Trustees Limit Legal Liabilities

Trust administration is a complex process that happens if a decedent with a proper estate plan has his assets transferred into a trust, leading to the estate being administered without court involvement through probate. In this case, successor trustees would be responsible for trust administration.

Should this happen, the trustee should be able to carry out their duties as specified in the trust, on top of other fiduciary duties that are required by law. Without proper trust administration, the trustee could be vulnerable to personal and financial liabilities in New Jersey probate court. At Giro & Associates LLC, we can help protect you in these situations.

Why Choose Us To Handle Your Case

Trust administration requires skill and knowledge, without which successor trustees could get into trouble. Thankfully, our team has decades of combined legal experience in these matters, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.

Giro & Associates LLC has the accounting, legal and investment knowledge that can help successor trustees effectively administer the trusts handed to them. If a trustor should prefer, we can even represent them as a trustee.

Learn More About Your Obligations In A Consultation

Any kind of trust administration need can quickly grow into a lengthy and complicated process without the help of a skilled lawyer. Instead of taking unnecessary risks with your trust administration duties, let us help you defend your best interests while navigating the challenges of your situation.

Get an honest assessment of your situation in a private consultation with an experienced trust attorney. You can schedule your appointment when you contact our team online or call our River Edge office at 201-771-9436. The sooner you reach out to our team, the sooner we can begin helping you, so contact us today.